Kelly Loeffler Slams Radical Liberal Raphael Warnock on Fox News


ATLANTA – Today, conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler joined America’s Newsroom to slam radical liberal Raphael Warnock for his record of antiAmericananti-policeanti-military rhetoric. Click the photo below to watch the interview:

Kelly Loeffler Slams Radical Liberal Raphael Warnock on Fox News 1

View the transcript below for highlights from the interview:
SANDRA SMITH: These races have been billed by your party as a battle for the control of the nation, Senator. What would it mean for the country if you were to lose these two senate seats?
SENATOR LOEFFLER: Well, obviously everything is on the line. We’re the firewall against socialism in this country. Chuck Schumer said “now we take Georgia, then we change America.” And that’s exactly what he means. We know he would abolish the filibuster, pack the court, implement a dramatic tax increase on all hard working families across America – and he has his own agent of change in Warnock, running against me and my race – the most radically liberal candidate for senate in the country. Don’t take my word for it. It is in his own words. He is someone that doesn’t support the police. He said that you can’t serve in the military and serve god. He celebrated Fidel Castro in his own church. So this is the type of candidate, the type of agenda, that Democrats want to enact if we don’t hold the line in Georgia on January 5th.
SANDRA SMITH: You are running against socialism. You’ve made that very clear, if you and Perdue win you are saving the country. What are you running on?
SENATOR LOEFFLER: Important question, Sandra, because what we’re running on is the American Dream, economic opportunity that lifts all Americans up. This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats right now. This is about the American dream or socialism. That’s what is at stake. Look, I lived the American Dream. I was born and raised on a farm. I went from a farm to the Fortune 500 and created hundreds of jobs in Georgia – and I want for Georgia, the opportunity to live their dream and the freedom and opportunities that all Americans deserve. And look, I want to reopen our economy as well. I want to make sure we get relief to hard working Americans. Democrats want to shut down the economy and blocked relief over and over. We’ll hold them accountable on January 5.


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