As Antifa Looted Atlanta, Doug Collins Begged for Campaign Cash


ATLANTA — As peaceful protests turned violent over the weekend, some Georgia leaders like Senator Kelly Loeffler, Governor Brian Kemp, and Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms rose to the occasion. Since Friday, Sen. Loeffler has:

  • Issued a statement calling for peaceful protests to honor the memory and legacy of George Floyd and condemning the violent looting that took place in Atlanta Friday night
  • Highlighted the charitable work being done in the aftermath of the looting
  • Maintained communication with Governor Kemp, members of the Congressional Delegation, and others to facilitate federal response across the state
  • Co-sponsored legislation to classify Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization

Meanwhile, as Atlanta burned, Doug Collins desperately begged for campaign contributions on social media. Since Friday, Doug Collins posted 7 times on Twitter and Facebook asking for money, including:

  • At 3:35 PM on Friday night, as protesters began assembling at the Centennial Olympic Park for what would turn into a violent riot – and as most Atlantans were considering their own safety- Doug wrote to his followers: “please consider donating”
  • At 1:15 PM on Saturday, as many Atlanta business owners were sifting through the rubble of their storefronts – and fighting to rebuild their communities – Doug urged his followers to instead help “fight back against my opponent” by donating to his campaign
  • At 8:05 PM on Saturday night, hours before the citywide curfew went into effect – and minutes before protesters threw a brick into a police car, smashing its window – Doug complained about the target on his back and begged for campaign donations
  • And at 8:35 PM on Sunday, as protesters started attacking police with fireworks before another long night of protests, Doug again alerted his followers to an imperative fundraising deadline at midnight

“As Georgians faced another unprecedented crisis over the weekend, Doug Collins once again put his political career first,” said Communications Director Stephen Lawson. “Kelly, Governor Kemp and Mayor Bottoms spent the weekend focused on keeping citizens safe. But as businesses were being looted and destroyed, and while our National Guard and police officers were risking their lives to protect our communities – Doug Collins was begging for campaign cash. That tells you all you need to know about where his priorities lie.”

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director