Following Liberal Meltdown, Loeffler Campaign Releases Second Attila Ad


ATLANTA – Today, in response to the widespread liberal meltdown caused by “Attila” earlier this week, Georgians for Kelly Loeffler released the second ad of the series. The new spot, “Attila Part II,” highlights Senator Loeffler’s strong conservative record – including her 100% voting record with President Trump, her ranking as America’s Most Conservative Senator, and endorsements from every major pro-life group in the nation.

“The liberal snowflakes of the world melted when they found out that conservative businesswoman Kelly Loeffler was to the right of Attila the Hun,” said Communications Director Stephen Lawson. “Now that we’re releasing a second ad highlighting Kelly’s pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump values, we assume they will probably evaporate. Consider this statement your trigger warning.”

To view the new ad, click the photo below:

Following Liberal Meltdown, Loeffler Campaign Releases Second Attila Ad 1

The transcript of the ad is below:

WOMAN: Did you know Kelly Loeffler votes with Trump 100%?

MAN: Yup. She’s more conservative than Attila the Hun.

SOLDIER 1: Attila, this one crossed our border illegally.

ATTILA: *grumbles* To the dungeons!

SOLDIER 2: Violent criminal.

ATTILA: *grumbles* To the dungeons!!!

SOLDIER 3: This one…raised taxes.

ATTILA: *ominous pointing*

VOICE OVER: More conservative than Attila the Hun. Kelly Loeffler: Ranked the most conservative senator in America.


Stephen Lawson

Communications Director

[email protected]