Bernie Sanders Endorsement Shows how Radical Raphael Warnock Really Is


ATLANTA – Radical Socialist Bernie Sanders has issued a resounding endorsement of Raphael Warnock in the latest sign that Warnock is beholden to the Democrats’ far-left agenda. This endorsement comes as no surprise, given the fact that Warnock is an unabashed Marxist who, like Sanders, celebrated brutal left-wing dictators like Fidel Castro and has publicly made anti-American, anti-law enforcement statements. Warnock has even earned the endorsement of the super-liberal Democracy for America, which states that Warnock would work toward a Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Without question, Bernie’s seal of approval demonstrates that Raphael Warnock is indeed the most far-left, radical liberal running for U.S. Senate in the country.

“With Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Raphael Warnock, it’s now crystal clear they both share the same radical agenda: defunding the police, massive tax increases, abortion-on-demand, eliminating the Second Amendment, opening our borders, socializing health care, and enacting the Green New Deal. But even Bernie Sanders isn’t as radical as Raphael Warnock – who has embraced violence and lawlessness by calling police officers ‘thugs,’ ‘gangsters,’ ‘bullies’ and a ‘danger’ to children,” said Communications Director Stephen Lawson. “Georgia families want the safety, security, and economic opportunity that Kelly Loeffler is delivering every day in Washington – not the radical agenda being pushed by Raphael Warnock and his cadre of socialist, left-wing comrades like Bernie Sanders.”