The Radical Left Attacks Kelly Loeffler for Backing Law Enforcement, Supporting the American Flag


ATLANTA—In case you missed it yesterday, political outsider and Co-Owner of the Atlanta Dream Senator Kelly Loeffler wrote a letter to WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert opposing the League’s decision to politicize professional sports by embracing the Black Lives Matter movement and turning athletes into billboards for the BLM organization’s radical agenda.

Loeffler urged the Commissioner to rescind the League’s divisive decision and instead place the American flag on players’ jerseys and licensed apparel. As expected, the unhinged and incredibly “woke” Left has launched an all-out smear campaign against Kelly Loeffler, calling her “racist,” “bigoted” and demanding her ouster from the Atlanta Dream organization.

Kelly is not backing down in this fight to remove politics from professional sports, reject the dangerous and destructive agenda of BLM, and unify around the American Flag.

Here’s what the radical left is saying about Senator Loeffler’s letter:

1. Radical liberal blogger claims the American flag is a political symbol and demands it take a back seat to Black Lives Matter: “Instead of players wearing jerseys with the name of Breonna Taylor … Loeffler said all the jerseys should have the American flag on them … To borrow the wise words of Washington Mystics point guard Natasha Cloud, the WNBA needs to immediately get Loeffler’s ‘weak ass out of the league.’ … The flag, too, is CLEARLY political. You know what’s not — or shouldn’t be — about politics? Black lives mattering … it is apparent that her bigotry will only get bolder as … her election day gets closer …” (“The WNBA must immediately oust racist owner Kelly Loeffler,” Lindsay Gibbs, Power Plays, 7/7/20)

2. Singer Vanessa Carlton calls Kelly and Governor Kemp a “nazi:” “Kelly Loeffler opposes WNBA’s plan to spread ‘Black Lives Matter’ message. She is part owner of the Atlanta Dream & a Trump supporter. Despicable nazi. She was HANDED a senate seat repping Georgia through another cheating nazi, Brian Kemp. VOTE THEM OUT.” (Vanessa Carlton @VanessaCarlton on Twitter, 7/7/20)

3. Liberal strategist Adam Parkhomenko didn’t mince words: “WNBA players shouldn’t have to play for racist trash” (Adam Parkhomenko @AdamParkhomenko on Twitter, 7/7/20)

4. Writer for unhinged leftist blog Jezebel suggests Kelly defends the flag because she is sexually aroused by it: “Loeffler ended her letter with an impassioned plea about the American flag that will likely score her points with the White House, but also come off as the rantings of someone who has attempted and maybe even succeeding in having a sexual experience with an American flag.” (“Kelly Loeffler Doesn’t Think Supporting Black Lives Matter Is Good for the WNBA, An 88-Percent Black League,” Shannon Melero, Jezebel, 7/7/20)

5. Liberal Raphael Warnock briefly came out of hiding to say Kelly’s rejection of the left’s desire to defund law enforcement amounts to “bigotry”: “Instead of standing on the right side of history with the many leaders in the sports and business community, like the WNBA and NASCAR, Senator Kelly Loeffler has, unfortunately, chosen to give into the narrow impulses of tribalism and bigotry.” (Raphael Warnock @ReverendWarnock on Twitter, 7/7/20)

6. Yahoo! Sportswriter attacks Kelly for being pro-military and equates honoring military servicemembers at NFL games with kneeling for the national anthem: “If you agree with military flyovers and honoring military members at NFL games or ‘First Responders Night’ at NHL games … then you don’t see them as political. If you disagree with athletes raising a fist or kneeling during the playing of the anthem … then you start shouting that you don’t want ‘politics’ in sports.” (“Kelly Loeffler keeps reminding us she should not be involved in WNBA,” Shalise Manza Young, Yahoo! Sports, 7/7/20)

7. Chicago Sky player Sydney Colson calls Kelly a “bigot” and demands her silence: “Let me be clear: we don’t give a damn what you think @KLoeffler. Cut all ties with the league, stop giving your bigoted opinions about black affairs, & tend to ur insider trading sweetheart 💅🏾” (Sydney Colson @SydJColson on Twitter, 7/7/20)

8. Kelly is accused of “having an issue” with black people because she supports the American flag: “Inside trader and WNBA Atlanta Dream owner Kelly Loeffler clearly has an issue with black people.” (“MAGA WNBA Owner Kelly Loeffler Opposes Plans To Honor Black Lives Matter; Says Black People Shouldn’t Own Guns Because It Would Be ‘Mob Rules,’” Robert Littal, Black Sports Online, 7/7/20)

9. Angry liberal attacks Kelly for refusing to prioritize BLM action items before her defense of our flag: “In explicitly rejecting WNBA plans to incorporate BLM messaging on team jerseys, Loeffler appears to be choosing the partisan needs of her close Senate reelection bid over of the social justice interests of her team’s players.” (“Dream Over? Senator Kelly Loeffler’s Troubling Black Lives Matter Message To The WNBA,” Seth Cohen, Forbes, 7/7/20)

10. WNBA players’ union demands Kelly’s ouster because she doesn’t support their ill-advised campaign to politicize professional sports:


O-U-T!” (WNBA Players’ Union @TheWNBPA on Twitter, 7/7/20)


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