ICYMI: Senator Loeffler Leads the Charge Against the Cancel Culture


ATLANTA – On Friday, The Daily Caller published an op-ed written by Senator Kelly Loeffler, in which she stands up to the Left’s toxic cancel culture and calls out the Marxist agenda of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) political organization.

Even when faced with the possibility of being “cancelled,” Kelly hasn’t flinched, choosing unity over division and standing up for the rights of all Americans to express themselves freely:

“This is what happens when there is dissent in socialist countries. They try to cancel you when you step out of line. But this is America, and I’m not going to bow down to the woke mob. I’m not going to give up on the team because of my personal or political views. Americans have a right to express their personal, political and religious beliefs without retribution. Today, the cancel culture is targeting me because I spoke out. But who’s next? Will they ever stop their relentless targeting and boycotts? What other rights or freedoms will they attempt to undermine? I had to draw the line.”

Importantly, Senator Loeffler exposed the BLM political organization’s Marxist roots and disavowed any promotion by the League of this radical, anti-Semitic, anti-police organization:

“The Black Lives Matter political organization is undeniably radical. This Marxist group proudly advocates for the defunding of police, calls for the removal of Jesus from churches, supports the disruption of the nuclear family structure, harbors anti-Semitic views and actively promotes violence and destruction across the country … It is time for all Americans to understand what the Black Lives Matter political movement stands for: an attempt to transform the country based on Marxist doctrine. It distracts from the work to be done. It threatens the pursuit of justice we are seeking for Ahmaud Aubrey, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many others.”

Senator Loeffler also reiterated her belief that, in these challenging times, we should be looking for ways to promote unity, not sow division. Instead of the hyper-political “Black Lives Matter” political organization, she urged the League to place an American flag on jerseys:

“Sports are such a powerful, dynamic force in uniting communities across our great country. Players and fans from all walks of life are unified by a team uniform, a game, a championship … Sadly, times are changing, and politics play an oversized role in eroding that symbolic unity … To seek unity during these challenging times, I am urging the WNBA to add the American flag to every jersey … It symbolizes the strengths unique to our country and the American people. It stands for freedom, equality and hope. This important symbol will unite us as we work toward a better, brighter and more equitable tomorrow.”

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director