Kelly Loeffler Joins Fox News to Talk Trump, SCOTUS, China and the Virus


ATLANTA – Last night, conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler joined Martha MacCallum on The Story to discuss President Trump’s ongoing recovery from COVID, as well as keeping Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and our economy on track. She also discussed standing with the President to hold China accountable for their role in spreading the virus.

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Kelly Loeffler Joins Fox News to Talk Trump, SCOTUS, China and the Virus 1

View excerpts from Senator Loeffler’s interview below:

Supreme Court

“It’s vitally important that we continue with testing and practicing all the guidelines, but it’s also important that we keep the country re-opening and moving forward. That’s what Americans expect of us … We have a constitutional duty to get the Supreme Court back to nine justices, and we’re going to do that. I was the first U.S. senator to support voting for this before the November election, and I’m going to continue to support that … We’ve had 150 virtual or hybrid committee meetings since we went back into session in May … and has Chuck Schumer ever complained? Never.

“Senate Judiciary has announced their schedule, they’re going to stick to it. Starting Monday, Oct. 12, they’re going to be offering the hybrid hearings that we’ve done so well in the Senate … and then the vote won’t come until the end of the month. We will get that vote done. We’ll confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett, and we’ll fulfill our constitutional duty to the American people.

Working with Trump to Win and Hold China Accountable

“There is no question: there is a silent majority coming out for the President … I hear from Georgians saying, ‘Thank you for standing with our President, for fighting with him for us, for being our voice.’ So, there is a massive silent majority out there that we’re going to continue to make sure that we get to the polls because the President will win Georgia, he will win re-election. My race is looking great, they know, like the President, I am a conservative businessperson, a political outsider, who is fighting to make sure that every single person has a voice in Washington.

“Americans know that [President Trump] is a fighter and a winner. Look what he’s done this year. He fought the Russia hoax, he fought the sham impeachment and won, and now he’s fighting this pandemic COVID, and he’s winning. That’s what he’s going to continue to do, and look what he’s done for America … he created the best economy that we’ve had in our lifetime that lifted all Americans up. He signed historic trade deals, historic peace deals, and now we’re going to hold China accountable. In fact, I’m going to work with him on that. I’ve introduced legislation called the BEAT CHINA Act to make sure that we bring manufacturing back here from China to America to create more jobs. So we’ve got a lot of work to do, and we’re doing it. The economy’s coming back, and now the President’s back in the White House, and so I know my prayers and the prayers of millions of Americans have been answered.”

Managing the COVID Pandemic

“We just need to keep doing our job and taking the precautions that we know that we can take, and this President has helped our country make great progress. The emergency use authorizations have allowed us to move ahead with treatments and therapeutics, and now, Operation Warp Speed, we’re getting this vaccine done. This country is moving ahead. We cannot lock down forever, and we have to just take those precautions to keep each other safe.

“I’ve been with the President throughout. He cares deeply for the American people. From Day One, he took this seriously. He fought for the American people, and he is going to continue to take it very seriously, but that didn’t stop him from rolling up his sleeves and getting to work delivering for the American people. We’re going to get to a vaccine faster than any other vaccine in history, and that is due to his focus and care for the American people.”


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