While Kelly Loeffler Stands for Law and Order, Doug Collins is Weak on Crime and Immigration


ATLANTA – Doug Collins claims to be “conservative,” but his record says otherwise. For years, he has voted with liberal Democrats like Stacey Abrams and Nancy Pelosi to advance a radical, left-wing agenda.

In the State House, Collins teamed up with liberal Stacey Abrams to undermine the 2nd Amendment, raise taxes on hardworking Georgians, and reduce prison time for violent criminals.

In between stints as a politician, Doug worked as a criminal defense attorney, specifically marketing his services to people accused of the most heinous crimes, including murder, rape and child cruelty. Doug explicitly solicited violent criminals, promising to “shoulder [their] burden” by pushing for lighter sentences. Some defendants returned to the streets to commit worse crimes.

In Congress, D.C. Doug repeatedly voted to approve and fund dangerous left-wing policies, including Obama’s amnesty and sanctuary cities.

Meanwhile, Kelly Loeffler has been a champion for law and order. She has voted with President Trump 100 percent of the time to strengthen our borders, support our law enforcement and crack down on rioters, looters and left-wing mobs. Senator Loeffler has introduced legislation to:

  • Create a national gang database
  • Speed up the deportation process for gang members in our country illegally
  • Increase criminal penalties for gang members
  • Defund jurisdictions that defund their police
  • Make looting small businesses a federal crime
  • Cut funds to jurisdictions that refuse to prosecute looters
  • Allow concealed carry for prosecutors and federal judges
  • Allow judges to issue arrest warrants for illegal immigrants who miss court hearings
  • Facilitate holding accused rioters for trial by refusing catch-and-release policies
  • Bar federally convicted rioters from receiving virus-related unemployment benefits
  • Create a federal, private and civil cause of action for victims of rioters to seek damages

“No matter how hard Doug Collins tries to hide it, he’s got a well-documented history of siding with liberals like Stacey Abrams and Nancy Pelosi to weaken our laws and endanger our citizens,” said Communications Director Stephen Lawson. “Whether as a trial lawyer who worked to put violent offenders back on the street, or as a politician who voted to fund sanctuary cities and reduce criminal penalties, Doug Collins has always put criminals ahead of the safety of Georgia families. There is only one candidate in this race who has stood with President Trump 100 percent of the time to crack down on crime and support our law enforcement – and that’s conservative Kelly Loeffler.”


In 2014, Collins voted for a $1.1 trillion omnibus that funded President Obama’s Executive Orders granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. (Roll Call Vote #563, 12/11/14) (“Vote Alert: House: $1.1T Bill That Funds Executive Amnesty,” Conservative Review, 9/17/14; “NumbersUSA to grade CRomnibus vote as a vote for Amnesty,” NumbersUSA, 12/9/14)

In 2008, Collins Sponsored HB 1298 With Stacey Abrams – A Bill To Make It Easier For Violent Criminal Defendants To Claim Mental Insanity And Thereby Avoid The Death Penalty Or A Life Sentence Without Parole In Murder Cases (H.B. 1298, Georgia General Assembly, Introduced 2/21/08)

Collins & Csider’s Website Marketed Its Services To Defendants Accused Of Felonies And Misdemeanors (Collins & Csider, Archived 8/12/15)

In July 2009, Collins Defended Danny Clore On Charges Of Methamphetamine Distribution And Misdemeanor Possession Of Marijuana. The Meth Distribution Charge Was Dismissed While The Marijuana Charge Was Conditionally Discharged. (Case No. 2009CR000723, Hall County Superior Court, Filed 7/17/09)

Clore Went On To Commit More Crimes, Including Aggravated Assault, Illegal Possession Of A Firearm, And Obstructing A Police Officer. (Hall County Courts, Accessed 2/5/20)

Clore Led Police On A High-Speed Chase In 2015 After Shooting At Two Vehicles With Occupants Inside Them; Meth Was Found On His Person When He Was Arrested. “A Gainesville man wanted in Hall County in connection with a shooting was arrested Saturday after dogs and deputies tracked him through the woods of Rabun County. ‘We continued tracking (Danny Ray Clore) and later located a camo (waterproof) box that contained drugs and other .380 magazines,’ according to the report. ‘Minutes later (Clore) was located hiding behind a large log on the ground…’ Deputies responded to that incident around 1:30 p.m. to reports of someone ‘firing rounds from an automatic weapon,’ Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Nicole Bailes said. ‘Clore shot at two vehicles that each had two occupants inside the vehicles at the time of the incident,’ Bailes wrote in an email… Officers chased Clore, who reportedly was ‘weaving in and out and traveling at a high rate of speed…’ ‘(The officer) then searched in the leaves where (Clore) was laying and located a Ruger .380 pistol and a Ziploc bag containing what appeared to (be) methamphetamine,’ according to the report. He was charged with possession of methamphetamine, fleeing and eluding by the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office.” (Nick Watson, “Authorities: Gainesville Shooting Suspect Captured After Chase Through Woods,” Gainesville Times, 11/23/15)

In June 2008, Collins Defended Shacara Rucker On Charges Of Armed Robbery, Criminal Conspiracy, Two Kidnappings, Four Aggravated Assaults, Theft, And Possessing A Firearm For Use In A Crime. Rucker and accomplices Scroger and Cook Were Found Guilty Of Criminal Conspiracy And Two Kidnappings, Though The Kidnappings Were Amended To Lighter Charges. The Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, And Theft Charges Against Rucker, Scroger, And Cook Were Dismissed. (Case No. 2009CR000650, Hall County Superior Court, Filed 6/30/08)

The Defendants Reportedly Robbed A McDonald’s Restaurant At Gunpoint, Forcing Employees Into A Walk-In Cooler. “Five people have been arrested in connection with the early morning armed robbery of a Flowery Branch McDonald’s restaurant, including an employee whom investigators believe was involved. Hall County Sheriff’s Col. Jeff Strickland said two females and two males were let into the restaurant at 3 a.m. Friday by an employee, supposedly to use the bathroom. One of the four suspects pulled out a small caliber handgun and forced two of the restaurant’s three employees into a walk-in cooler. The third employee opened the safe for the robbers and handed over an undisclosed amount of cash, Strickland said. No one was injured and the cooler was not locked…After questioning the employees, investigators determined that one of the McDonald’s workers, 24-year-old Jeremy Scroger, assisted in the robbery, Strickland said. After securing a search warrant, investigators recovered the handgun and the stolen money from the Mazda, Strickland said. Scroger was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. Also charged with armed robbery and kidnapping were Sidney Lewis Howell, 17, Shinard Ryaston Cook, 18, Siedah Yasmeen Smith, 21, and Shacarra Rucker, 18.” (Stephen Gurr, “Five Are Arrested In McDonalds Robbery,” Gainesville Times, 5/29/09)

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director