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COVID Community Hero: Doctor Fun Fong

One Georgian wrote in to tell us about the incredible kindness of a doctor who connected with her through Facebook – and who might have just saved her life.

The Georgia citizen told us she was feeling ill with COVID-19 symptoms and posted about it on Facebook looking to get some advice for next steps. That’s when Dr. Fong saw her questions – and sent her a private message asking about her symptoms. He quickly called in some medication for her and set her up for a COVID-19 test since she was in the high risk category. He even helped her navigate the best hospitals to go to. When she made it to the hospital, she tested positive for COVID-19.

Dr. Fong continued to check on her every single day – keeping her updated on current statistics and treatments. According to this grateful Georgian, “he was always so encouraging while he was also working on the front lines at his own hospital!”

After she was released from the hospital with double viral pneumonia Dr. Fong still continued to check in on her. In fact, she told us, for 14 days while she was in isolation and quarantine, he was the ONLY physician who checked on her every day.

As she wrote, “He never got paid for this service. I don’t know how else to give back to him except to honor him!”

There’s no doubt that Dr. Fong, who previously worked for the CDC and is a physician in the Atlanta area, is an above-and-beyond COVID Community Hero!

Doctor Fun Fong