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COVID Community Hero: Doctor Sumeet Bahl

Neera Bahl says that, although her son is now in New York, his heart is still in Georgia.

Dr. Sumeet Bahl, MD is currently working as an Interventional Radiologist at Brooklyn Hopsital. According to Neera, “Sumeet is one of the most caring and loving people –  a compassionate and caring physician who helps his patients and goes beyond the call of duty. He is an absolute favorite of his staff, nurses, and team members at the hospital.” Sumeet has been working tirelessly, for longer hours than ever before, right in the heart of the coronavirus epicenter.

His wife, Gayatri, is pregnant with their first baby boy due in July. Neera says they were both looking forward to being together during the entire pregnancy. But when COVID-19 hit, Sumeet had to make the tough decision to isolate himself from Gayatri to protect her from possible exposure to the disease.

Since then, Sumeet has been in New York by himself – continuing to work long hours and trying to save lives. “He misses his pregnant wife every day,” says Neera. “He walks home from work each day – extremely exhausted – to an empty home with no one there. When we FaceTime with both of them, it is heartbreaking for us as parents to see the pain of separation in their hearts.”

Dr. Bahl, thank you and Gayatri both for your incredible sacrifices. We appreciate your tremendous dedication – and think you both deserve to be recognized as community heroes!
Dr. Sumeet Bahl
Gayatri Bahl