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Criminals for Collins: Meet Danny Clore


ATLANTA – Before he was a career politician, Doug Collins made big bucks as a criminal defense attorney. Doug and his partner, Tom Csider, worked diligently to get criminal charges reduced or dropped for violent criminals – including illegal immigrants, sex offenders, drug dealers, and other heinous offenders. After they successfully freed these criminals, many of their defendants went on to commit more crimes in communities across Georgia.

Today, let’s take a closer look at Danny Clore – one of the criminals Doug worked to free, and the inaugural member of the Criminals for Collins Coalition.

Criminals for Collins: Danny Clore

In 2009, Doug defended Danny Clore on charges of meth distribution and marijuana possession. The meth charge was dismissed, and the marijuana charge was discharged (thanks, Doug!). Unfortunately, Danny went on to commit more crimes, including aggravated assault, illegal possession of a firearm and obstructing a police officer. In 2015, Danny led the police on a high-speed chase after shooting at two vehicles with passengers inside. When the police finally caught and arrested Danny, he was found in possession of meth.

Obviously, Danny Clore should never have been on the streets. But thanks to Doug Collins, Danny slipped justice to commit more crimes and put Georgia families at risk.

In the race for the U.S. Senate, it’s clear that Georgians cannot trust D.C. Doug to keep them safe. There’s only one law-and-order conservative in this race, and that’s Kelly Loeffler.


In July 2009, Collins Defended Danny Clore On Charges Of Methamphetamine Distribution And Misdemeanor Possession Of Marijuana. (Case No. 2009CR000723, Hall County Superior Court, Filed 7/17/09)

The Meth Distribution Charge Was Dismissed While The Marijuana Charge Was Conditionally Discharged. (Case No. 2009CR000723, Hall County Superior Court, Filed 7/17/09)

Clore Went On To Commit More Crimes, Including Aggravated Assault, Illegal Possession Of A Firearm, And Obstructing A Police Officer. (Hall County Courts, Accessed 2/5/20)

Clore Led Police On A High-Speed Chase In 2015 After Shooting At Two Vehicles With Occupants Inside Them; Meth Was Found On His Person When He Was Arrested. “A Gainesville man wanted in Hall County in connection with a shooting was arrested Saturday after dogs and deputies tracked him through the woods of Rabun County. ‘We continued tracking (Danny Ray Clore) and later located a camo (waterproof) box that contained drugs and other .380 magazines,’ according to the report. ‘Minutes later (Clore) was located hiding behind a large log on the ground…’ Deputies responded to that incident around 1:30 p.m. to reports of someone ‘firing rounds from an automatic weapon,’ Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Nicole Bailes said. ‘Clore shot at two vehicles that each had two occupants inside the vehicles at the time of the incident,’ Bailes wrote in an email… Officers chased Clore, who reportedly was ‘weaving in and out and traveling at a high rate of speed…’ ‘(The officer) then searched in the leaves where (Clore) was laying and located a Ruger .380 pistol and a Ziploc bag containing what appeared to (be) methamphetamine,’ according to the report. He was charged with possession of methamphetamine, fleeing and eluding by the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office.” (Nick Watson, “Authorities: Gainesville Shooting Suspect Captured After Chase Through Woods,” Gainesville Times, 11/23/15)


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