Throwback Thursday: Doug Collins & Stacey Abrams – A Love Story for the Ages


ATLANTA—Yesterday, during a Judiciary Hearing on voting rights, career politician Doug Collins took another opportunity to gush about his dear friend, Stacey Abrams. At the hearing where Abrams testified, Doug called the failed gubernatorial candidate a “fabulous attorney” whom he’s “known for a long time.” It was just the latest chapter in their storybook love story. So, for this “Throwback Thursday,” we decided to highlight the top 10 moments from Doug and Stacey’s long relationship:

1.   The Hug. Enough said.

2.   Doug was a character in Stacey’s Romance novel, Reckless, in which he appears as an annoying—but loveable lawyer.

3.   Just before Valentine’s Day this year, Doug sent Stacey a virtual candygram when he called her “his good friend” and said he “could pick up the phone right now and call her and she would answer.” Awe.

4.   The Hug (+Kiss) Part 2.

5.   In 2008, Doug co-sponsored Stacey’s legislation, HB1298, that made it easier for violent criminals to avoid jail time. Yikes. Is anyone surprised this terrible, reckless bill didn’t pass?

6.   At yes—another—voting rights hearing in 2019, Doug told Stacey: “You are just as good as I remember.” High praise!

7.   Maybe that’s why Doug co-sponsored eight pieces of legislation with Stacey while they served in the Georgia Legislature together?

8.   Or the fact that between 2007-2008, they voted together 336 times? Maybe they both just happened to have a lot of the exact same ideas?

9.   Neither Doug nor Stacey really care much for the right to keep and bear arms. In 2010, Doug voted for Stacey’s amendment to SB308 to undermine our 2nd Amendment rights.

10. And both of these lovebirds REALLY like tax increases. They teamed up in 2009 to vote for HR206, the “largest tax increase in Georgia history.”

To Be Continued!

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director