What Kind of ‘Conservative’ Votes Against the 2nd Amendment? Doug Collins.


ATLANTA – Today, Georgians for Kelly Loeffler released the newest installment of their “What Kind of Conservative?” digital ad campaign, which exposes Doug Collins as a fake conservative who sides with liberal Democrats to vote for higher taxes, bloated budgets, and funding for sanctuary cities.

Doug Collins claims to support our 2nd Amendment rights, but his record shows otherwise. In the Georgia Legislature, Doug partnered with Democrats to increase fees on gun ownership. In that same year, he also voted for Stacey Abrams’ legislation that restricted the ability of law-abiding gun owners to carry firearms in Georgia.

Conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler is 100 percent Pro-2nd Amendment. She has co-sponsored legislation to protect our right to keep and bear arms – and has fought against liberal efforts to create a national gun registry, increase barriers to firearm purchases, confiscate weapons, ban certain guns, and limit the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

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What Kind of 'Conservative' Votes Against the 2nd Amendment? Doug Collins.

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“What kind of ‘conservative’ would claim to be pro-Second Amendment, but then vote against protecting your Second-Amendment rights, just because it was politically correct? This kind: career politician Doug Collins. He only plays a conservative on TV.”


DOUG COLLINS VOTED FOR H.B. 1055, WHICH WOULD RESTRICT 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS IN GEORGIA. Collins voted for H.B. 1055, which increased the cost of an application for a firearms license and the cost for issuing a replacement firearms license. (H.B. 1055, Georgia General Assembly, 4/14/10; Vote #829, Georgia General Assembly, Collins Voted Yea, 4/14/10)

DOUG COLLINS VOTED AGAINST THE SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT TO CARRY GUNS ON PRIVATE SCHOOL CAMPUSES IN GEORGIA (Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner, 4/20/10; SB 308, Georgia General Assembly, Accessed 3/5/20; Macon Telegraph, 4/23/10)

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director