Exposed: Doug Collins Received Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from Big Tech


ATLANTA — In case you missed it, a new article from The Daily Caller totally exposes career politician Doug Collins’ swampy relationship with Big Tech, highlighting the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations Doug has received from companies like Comcast, Microsoft and Google.

This comes after Tucker Carlson demolished Doug Collins on Fox News, railing against his ridiculous allegiance to companies trying to silence conservative voices, in which he asked:

“Who is paying these guys?”

Well, it looks like we have our answer: Big Tech!

Since 2017, Doug has received a total of $124,000 from Big Tech company PACs (special interests) via his campaign and his leadership PAC. This sum includes:

  • $35,000 from Comcast
  • $30,000 from Microsoft
  • $25,000 from Google

Doug has also received nearly $28,000 from employees of Big Tech companies and trade associations. During his career in politics, Doug Collins has received a $222,025 from Big Tech special interests.

No wonder Collins opposes investigations seeking to break up Big Tech monopolies. His defense of Big Tech companies is especially ridiculous when considering their demonstrated history of censoring conservatives, including President Trump.

Below is the clip from Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night:

Doug Collins Big Tech

While D.C. insider Doug Collins sells out Georgia, conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler stands with conservatives in the fight against censorship and privacy invasion by Big Tech. Just last week, Sen. Loeffler urged the FCC and Federal Trade Commission to investigate social media platforms for using Section 230 loopholes to censor conservatives. This week, she also co-sponsored legislation that would prohibit Big Tech companies from receiving immunity under Section 230 unless they update their terms to operate in good faith.


Since 2017, Collins Has Accepted $35,000 From Comcast’s PAC. (Open SecretsOpen Secrets Accessed 6/17/20)

Since 2017, Collins Has Accepted $30,000 From Microsoft Corp. PAC. (Open SecretsOpen Secrets Accessed 6/17/20)

Since 2017, Collins Has Accepted $25,000 From Google’s PAC. (Open SecretsOpen Secrets Accessed 6/17/20)

Click here to view a full list of Doug’s Big Tech campaign contributions.

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director