D.C. Doug Collins Caught Lying about his Love for Big Tech


ATLANTA – On Sunday, career politician D.C. Doug Collins appeared on Fox News, lying about his record with Big Tech. Doug claimed he has been “fighting against [Big Tech] since Day 1,” but his record proves otherwise.

In June, Tucker Carlson demolished Doug for playing lapdog to Big Tech companies. Tucker ripped Doug for attempting to prevent any investigation into big tech companies, where Doug argued that “not all tech monopolies are inherently bad or need to be broken up.”

“Year in and year out, we vote for these people in the fervent hope they will stand up for us when it matters,” Tucker said. “Now it matters. And now – like every time before – they sell us out.”

Tucker also asked, “Who is paying these guys? And more to the point, whose side are they on?”

Days later, the answer became clear when the Daily Caller exposed Doug’s true allegiance to Big Tech, revealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign donations Doug has received from companies like Comcast, Microsoft and Google.

“While D.C. Doug Collins sides with Silicon Valley over Georgia families, Kelly Loeffler has worked overtime to hold Big Tech accountable,” Communications Director Stephen Lawson said. “Kelly has asked the FCC chairman to review Section 230, cosponsored legislation empowering Americans to sue Big Tech companies that apply selective censorship, and introduced legislation to stop this censorship in its tracks. Meanwhile, Doug Collins has taken over $180,000 from Big Tech companies to do their bidding. Georgians want a political outsider like Kelly Loeffler who will hold Big Tech accountable–not another career politician looking to fill their campaign coffers.”


Stephen Lawson

Communications Director

[email protected]