Video Release: Doug Collins Defends Lobbyists, Denounces Term Limits, Defies Trump


ATLANTA – As a career politician and distinguished member of the Swamp, DC Doug Collins has vocally defended the special interests in Washington while standing firm against term limits for Members of Congress. Meanwhile, Kelly Loeffler – a conservative businesswoman and political outsider – is standing with President Trump in strong support of term limits and strong opposition to lobbyist influence.

“Doug Collins claims he’s not a career politician. He says he’s anti-establishment. But if he walks like a swamp creature and talks like a swamp creature – he’s a swamp creature,” said Communications Director Stephen Lawson. “Our state doesn’t need politicians like DC Doug who are loyal to lobbyists and more interested in their own political career than serving Georgia families. Kelly Loeffler is proud to stand with President Trump – in support of term limits and in opposition to lobbyist influence. By draining the swamp of people like Doug Collins, we can keep America moving in the right direction.”

As documented in the below video, Doug Collins has a history of defending lobbyists and denouncing term limits. Click the photo below to watch Doug Collins oppose President Trump’s positions on lobbyist reform and term limits for Members of Congress:

“Too many times, we paint the lobbyist brush with too big a stroke,” says Collins. “Lobbyists, in the strictest sense, especially if you have an issue that effects a certain industry, I would want to hear what their perspective is.” He continues: “It’s time to stop worrying about bumper stickers answers such as term limits.”

Doug Collins Defends Lobbyists, Denounces Term Limits, Defies Trump

Between 2007 And 2019, While Serving As A Representative In The Georgia General Assembly And The U.S. House Of Representatives, Doug Collins Earned An Estimated $1.3 Million (Salaries & Travel Reimbursements, Open Georgia, Accessed 3/23/20; Johnny Kauffman, “Low Pay In State Legislatures Means Some Can’t Afford The Job,” NPR, 1/9/17; “The 2007 Georgia Legislature: A User’s Guide: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Legislature,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1/7/07; Ida B. Brudnick, “Congressional Salaries And Allowances,” Congressional Research Service, 1/7/14)

Between 2006 (as State Rep.-Elect) and 2012 (Final Year as a State Rep.), Collins Took $3,880 of Gifts from State Lobbyists in Georgia. These $3,880 of gifts is made up of more than 100 separate lobbyist expenditures (i.e. gifts) that paid for meals, event tickets, and other miscellaneous gifts (such as “golf” and a “personalized” box of Kraft macaroni and cheese) for Collins. (“Lobbyist Search – By Expenditure,” 2006-2012, for Doug Collins,

At a June 2012 Candidate Debate, Collins Said, “I Would Not Be In Favor of Term Limits” and Added that They Would Bring “Unintended Consequences” [MODERATOR – 13:58] “Do you believe that Congressmen should have term limits? …”

[DOUG COLLINS – 14:54] “I think what, at this point in time, is that the Constitution set out … the way we do elections. I would not be in favor of term limits …” (Nydia Tisdale Channel, “Roger Fitzpatrick v. Doug Collins for Georgia’s 9th congressional district 06/25/12,”, posted July 15, 2012)

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director