Career Politician Doug Collins Flip Flops on Term Limits for Political Gain


ATLANTA—After years of opposing and deriding term limits, career politician Doug Collins announced today that he is suddenly if favor of them. This astounding flip-flop comes after Kelly called on Doug in early May to sign the term limits pledge and his subsequent refusal to do so. And just last month, Doug doubled down on his opposition to term limits, calling the pledge a “bumper sticker” slogan.

“Career politician Doug Collins has opposed term limits his entire 15-year career – and is now flip flopping for political gain,” said Communications Director Stephen Lawson. “Just last month, he called term limits a ‘bumper sticker’ gimmick. Now he’s saying he only wants a 27-year career in politics. He must have done some math to figure out how many more years he needed to hit his government pension.”


Kelly Loeffler signed the U.S. Term Limits in March and Called on Doug Collins to do the same. (SEN. LOEFFLER SIGNS U.S. TERM LIMITS PLEDGE, CALLS ON DOUG COLLINS TO DO THE SAME)

In May, Doug Collins said “It’s time to stop worrying about bumper sticker answers such as term limits.” (Doug Collins interview with Alana Austin, Gray TV, May 6, 2020)

At a June 2012 Candidate Debate, Collins Said, “I Would Not Be In Favor of Term Limits” and Added that They Would Bring “Unintended Consequences” [MODERATOR – 13:58] “Do you believe that Congressmen should have term limits? …” [DOUG COLLINS – 14:54] “I think what, at this point in time, is that the Constitution set out … the way we do elections. I would not be in favor of term limits …” (Nydia Tisdale Channel, “Roger Fitzpatrick v. Doug Collins for Georgia’s 9th congressional district 06/25/12,”, posted July 15, 2012)

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director