While Doug Collins Partners with his Liberal Friends, Kelly Loeffler Delivers Conservative Results for Georgians


ATLANTA – Over his many years as a career politician, Doug Collins has gained notoriety for his eagerness to partner with left-wing Democrats. In Congress, he brags about his legislation and personal friendship with liberal Hakeem Jeffries. In the State House he (literally) embraced Stacey Abrams and her radical agenda. Doug probably hopes you won’t remember these efforts, but we do. Let’s take a closer look:

Doug has called House Democrat Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries one of his “closest friends,” and considers him to be “as close as a brother.” Interesting, especially considering how Jeffries was handpicked by Nancy Pelosi to be one of the several House managers to spearhead the impeachment hoax and smear campaign against President Trump. Jeffries also rather notably referred to the President as the “grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Another “good friend” of Doug’s is liberal Stacey Abrams. In fact, the two have quite the storied past, voting together in the State House over three hundred times. Most egregiously, the pair teamed up to reduce prison time for violent criminals, to diminish the 2nd Amendment and to support millions-of-dollars’ worth of tax hikes on hardworking Georgians. But that’s not all: Doug even appears as an annoying but “lovable” lawyer in Stacey’s romance novel Reckless.

When he’s not cozying up to liberal Democrats, Doug spends his time voting with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. He voted for every single Obama budget, including those that funded sanctuary cities and “unconstitutional” amnesty. He voted with Nancy Pelosi for a bailout of Puerto Rico and for taxpayer-funded congressional wine tastings.

While career politician Doug Collins has spent years pandering to the Radical Left, Kelly Loeffler is a conservative business woman and political outsider who has delivered results for Georgia. She has taken steps to protect innocent life and to stand up for our law enforcement officers. She fights back on illegal immigration, and she will never water down your 2nd-Amendment rights. Kelly Loeffler is the only candidate in this race that Georgia families can trust to keep them safe and stand up for conservative values.


VIDEO: In February 2020, Collins Said He Considered Jeffries To Be “As Close As A Brother.” DOUG COLLINS: “But, it is interesting to me that my friend Hakeem Jeffries, who I consider as close as a brother, is able to say that the Grand Wizard lives at 1600 and everybody lets it pass.” (“A Conversation with U.S. Congressman Doug Collins and Former MA Governor Jane Swift,” Boston College School Of Law, 2/5/20) Min. 45:50 – 46:01

VIDEO: In December 2019, Collins Said That Jeffries Was “One Of My Closest Friends.” DOUG COLLINS: “Thank you Mr. Chairman. As we’re coming to the end here, it is amazing to me, especially from hearing from one of the, my, frankly, either side of the aisle, one of the closest friends on this dais, Mr. Jeffries.” (Committee On The Judiciary, U.S House Of Representatives, Hearing, Washington, D.C., 12/12/19)

VIDEO: In July 2018, Collins Praised Rep. Hakeem Jeffries As “A Great Partner” And Touted Their Record Of Working Together In Congress. DOUG COLLINS: “It’s easy to see why I have such a great partner. Hakeem Jeffries is someone who is amazing in his heart, in his passion for his district, in his conviction on actually getting in and digging deeper than just the surface. And if you look at just the criminal justice aspect that we’ve actually worked on in the First Step Act, that would be just a small snapshot of what we’ve actually worked on. I would encourage you to go back and look at things we’ve went from trade secrets, to privacy issues, Cloud Act, there’s also been Music Modernization Act. For many of you in this room that’s a huge issue, that we’ve been able to work together on. And I believe this is what Congress should look like. I and Hakeem, let me just dispel rumors. We don’t agree on everything. We like each other a lot, we talk to each other a lot, we’ll see each other on the floor. When people now start seeing us come together they start worrying because they know legislation’s happening. But the issue is, he has his views of his district and his personal views, and more progressive views that I disagree with from and I’ll vote against those and he’ll vote against me, but at the end of the day, this is where our country was founded and it was founded on the principles that we come together from different walks – he could not get elected in the ninth district of Georgia, and I daggum sure couldn’t get elected in Brooklyn. You know, when we understand that though that’s what makes this country special, and that’s what makes that man special. And it’s what makes this time special that we can come together.” (Doug Collins, Remarks, American Enterprise Institute, 7/12/18) Min. 9:53-11:15

Hakeem  Jeffries was chosen to be an impeachment manager during the Senate’s impeachment trial and served as one of the Democrat’s top “messaging lieutenants.” (The New York Times, 1/22/20)

Jeffries Referred To President Trump As The “Grand Wizard Of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” During an MLK Day Event In 2019. “These are challenging times in the United States of America — we have a hater in the White House, a birther in chief, the grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” (Caroline Kelly, “Democratic congressman calls Trump ‘grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,'” CNN, 1/23/19)

Collins Refers To Stacey Abrams As A “Good Friend.” “Believe it or not Stacey Abrams and I are good friends.” (“A Conversation with U.S. Congressman Doug Collins and Former MA Governor Jane Swift,” Boston College School Of Law, 2/5/20)

Collins has voted with Stacey Abrams over 300 times. (Georgia General Assembly)

In 2008, Collins Sponsored HB 1298 With Stacey Abrams – A Bill To Make It Easier For Criminal Defendants To Claim That They Are “Mentally Retarded” And Thereby Avoid The Death Penalty Or A Life Sentence Without Parole In Murder Cases (H.B. 1298, Georgia General Assembly, Introduced 2/21/08)

Collins Voted For An Amendment To S.B. 308 Introduced By Stacey Abrams That Banned Carrying Guns On Private School Property. (Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner, 4/20/10)

According To The Macon Telegraph, The Committee Passed Its “Slightly Watered-Down Version” Of S.B. 308 That No Longer “Allowed Churches And Colleges To Make Their Own Decisions About Allowing Guns On Their Properties.” (“Watered-Down Version Of Gun Bill Moves Forward,” Macon Telegraph, 4/23/10)

In March 2009, Collins And Abrams Voted For HR 206 A Resolution To Place A Constitutional Amendment On The 2010 General Election Ballot To Raise Sales Taxes By One Percent. (H.R. 206, Vote #105, Adopted 151 – 15, Georgia General Assembly, Collins And Abrams Voted Yea, 3/3/09)

In April 2010, Collins And Abrams Voted For S.R. 277 Which Would Place An Annual $10 Vehicle Tag Tax On The Georgia Ballot. (S.R. 277, Vote #975, Georgia General Assembly, Passed 149 – 14, Collins And Abrams Voted Yea, 4/29/10)

Stacey Abrams Named A Character In Her Book, Reckless, Doug Collins; The Character Appears Briefly As A Young Lawyer Who Annoys The Main Character, But Is “Lovable.” Abrams Also Admitted To Using Names Of Past Colleagues In The State Legislature. “Coming up with names for characters is often a tedious chore for a writer of fiction. Abrams has discovered her own pool of names — her past and current colleagues in the state Legislature. Her last book to hit the shelves is called “Reckless” (HarperCollins). Characters include a certain fellow named Doug Collins. He appears briefly as a young lawyer who annoys the main character, but is lovable, Abrams said.” (Jim Galloway, “Legislator By Day, Romance Writer By Night,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7/14/13)

Collins Voted For Every Single One Of Barack Obama’s Budgets (Roll Call Vote #563, 12/11/14; Roll Call Vote #705, 12/18/15; Roll Call Vote #573, 9/28/16)

In 2014, Collins voted for a $1.1 trillion omnibus that funded President Obama’s Executive Orders granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. (Roll Call Vote #563, 12/11/14) (“Vote Alert: House: $1.1T Bill That Funds Executive Amnesty,” Conservative Review, 9/17/14; “NumbersUSA to grade CRomnibus vote as a vote for Amnesty,” NumbersUSA, 12/9/14)

In 2016, Collins Voted For The Continuing Appropriations And Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017, And Zika Response And Preparedness Act, Which Provided Funding For Construction, Veterans Affairs, And Related Agencies Through Fiscal Year 2017. Conservative Review Criticized The Bill Funding The Government Without Limitations Or Reforms To Sanctuary Cities, And “Unconstitutional” Amnesty. (Roll Call Vote #573, 9/28/16; “Vote Alert: House: Fund Obama Priorities & Planned Parenthood,” Conservative Review, 9/27/16)

In 2016, Collins Voted For A Bill That Would Allow For A Bailout Of Puerto Rico. Conservative Review Criticized The Bill For Giving Puerto Rico Bankruptcy-Like Powers That Have Otherwise Been Found Unconstitutional. Heritage Action Criticized The Bill For Solving Short Term Problems And “Made It Likely That Puerto Rico Will Be Back Again Asking For A Bailout.” (HR 329, Roll Call Vote #288, Bill Passed 216-210: R 139 – 103; D 158 – 24, 6/10/15, Collins And Pelosi Voted “Yes;” “Vote Alert: House: Support Bailing Out Puerto Rico,” Conservative Review, Accessed 10/9/19; “Puerto Rico Oversight, Management And Economic Stability Act,” Heritage Action, Accessed 10/9/19)

In 2013, Collins And Pelosi Opposed Amendment 55 To HR 1947, Which Would Have Ended The Market Access Program That Spends Taxpayer Money On Wine Tastings In Four Foreign Countries. “The Chabot amendment would have ended the Market Access Program that spends taxpayer money on wine tastings in four foreign countries and an outdoor dinner party in India to discuss the value of prunes. ACU opposes these wasteful programs and supported this amendment. The House defeated the amendment on June 19, 2013, by a vote of 98-322.” (H.R. 1947, Roll Call Vote #263, Amendment Failed 98-322: R 89 – 142; D 9 – 180, Collins And Pelosi Voted “No,” 6/19/13; “Doug Collins,” The Club For Growth, Accessed 10/9/19)


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