Sen. Kelly Loeffler: Fully Fund the Police


ATLANTA—Today, political outsider and conservative businesswoman Kelly Loeffler issued the following statement calling for continued funding for law enforcement and emergency responders in the wake of the left’s dangerous call to “defund the police.” Senator Loeffler will also introduce legislation this week to address these attempts by the Democrats.

“The murder of George Floyd is tragic and justice must be served,” said Senator Loeffler. “We must come together as a nation to ensure a tragedy like this never happens again.  The police are fighting on the front lines to secure communities for those peaceably protesting, who are exercising their rights the way our Constitution intended. Sadly, violent criminal elements like Antifa have attempted to hijack peaceful protests to destabilize communities here in Georgia and across our country. Defunding police departments will result in more violence, more chaos, and more injustice. The reality is that the jobs of our brave men and women in law enforcement just got harder. We must support them in their work and ensure they have the resources they need – not defund them. If they abuse their authority, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Police brutality has to end – but by ending brutality, not the police.”

“This week, I will introduce legislation that aims to protect public safety budgets from the misguided politics of the left. The Democrats’ attempts to defund the police would result in a less safe and secure America.”

Last week, Senator Loeffler co-sponsored a resolution with Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Bill Cassidy classifying Antifa as a domestic terror organization. To read more about the resolution, click HERE.

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director