ICYMI: Georgia State Legislator Files Ethics Complaint Against Doug Collins


ATLANTA – In case you missed it, the National Journal reported yesterday that a Georgia State Representative filed an ethics complaint against Doug Collins for violations of House Ethics rules and Federal Law. Collins, who used taxpayer-funded video footage in paid campaign advertisements, could very likely be subject to investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics. From the National Journal:

“A Georgia Republican state legislator filed a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics on Thursday, accusing Republican Rep. Doug Collins of using House floor footage in campaign ads and calling for an investigation.

‘His ongoing, flagrant use of House floor footage in campaign advertisements and solicitations is a clear violation of House Ethics rules and Federal law,’ state Rep. David Clark wrote in a letter to OCE Chairman David Skaggs and members of the board.

In two complaints obtained by National Journal, Clark cited 12 Facebook ads that showed Collins on the House floor, estimating that Collins spent at least $6,600 on them since Feb. 16. Clark, who has not endorsed either Senate candidate, sent the first complaint in early March, citing an ad that ran Feb. 16 to March 10, and filed the second one Thursday.

Clark cited the House Ethics Committee, which states that “broadcast coverage and recordings of House floor proceedings may not be used for any political purpose.

‘Make no mistake, Collins is profiting off of the back of taxpayers, and appears to not care,’ Clark wrote.”

Stephen Lawson, Communications Director for the Loeffler Campaign, said: “Is anyone surprised that Doug Collins is breaking ethics rules to fund his ego-driven campaign? He will literally do and say anything to advance his career in politics and protect his taxpayer funded salary. Sad – but completely expected from a self-entitled career politician like D.C. Doug.”

Background: Between 2007 And 2019, While Serving As A Representative In The Georgia General Assembly And The U.S. House Of Representatives, Doug Collins Earned An Estimated $1.3 Million  (Salaries & Travel Reimbursements, Open Georgia, Accessed 3/23/20; Johnny Kauffman, “Low Pay In State Legislatures Means Some Can’t Afford The Job,” NPR, 1/9/17; “The 2007 Georgia Legislature: A User’s Guide: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Legislature,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1/7/07; Ida B. Brudnick, “Congressional Salaries And Allowances,” Congressional Research Service, 1/7/14)


Stephen Lawson
Communications Director
[email protected]