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ICYMI: Kelly Loeffler Lays into Abrams’ “Fact-free” Claims of Voter Suppression on the Ingraham Angle


ATLANTA – In case you missed it, conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler joined Laura Ingraham last night to denounce Stacey Abrams’ “fact-free” voter suppression hoax at the DNC Convention. Since her loss to Brian Kemp in the 2018 gubernatorial election, Abrams has continually used her conspiracy theory of voter suppression to distract from the socailist platform of the Democrat Party. Worse, Abrams has now pivoted to using the fake voter suppression scare tactic to implement radical liberal policies like universal mail-in voting, huge tax increases, defunding the police, and socialized healthcare. As Senator Loeffler said:

“Everyone who wants to vote in this election who’s eligible to vote is going to get to vote. It’s really an excuse for why [Abrams] lost the election in 2018, and she’s creating a road map of excuses for Biden when President Trump gets re-elected in November. And he’s going to get re-elected because he knows how to create jobs that lift everyone up. He knows how to stand with our law enforcement, he strengthened our military, he helps Americans be safe and secure, and that’s going to be completely evident when [Republicans] get our chance to be on stage next week. And that’s what Americans want. They want that certainty, that security in their communities and in their jobs. And this is a distraction to talk about voter suppression and the United States Postal Service … [Democrats] are distracting from their lack of a platform that lifts all Americans up.

“[Abrams’ claims are] absolutely fact-free. None of that’s true. It’s a fiction that would explain why she lost other than the fact that Georgia elected Gov. Kemp, and rightly so.”

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Kelly Loeffler on Laura Ingraham


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