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ICYMI: “Sen. Kelly Loeffler Rips Schumer, Dems for Voting Down ‘Common-Sense’ Born Alive Bill”


ATLANTA — This morning, conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler joined Fox and Friends, where she slammed Sen. Chuck Schumer’s recent threats against the United States Supreme Court and Senate Democrats for voting down common-sense pro-life legislation.

Read the full coverage from Fox News HERE or view the excerpt below:

Sen. Kelly Loeffler Rips Schumer, Dems for Voting Down 'Common-Sense' Born Alive Bill

Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler spoke out in favor of a Senate Republican motion to censure Democratic Leader Charles Schumer, after the New York senator appeared to threaten Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices during a pro-abortion rally on the high court’s steps.

Loeffler said the censure resolution, authored by Missouri Republican Josh Hawley, is the right thing to do after Schumer’s irresponsible remarks.

“He should apologize. It’s a new low for the Senate,” she said on “Fox & Friends.” “I couldn’t agree more with the president that it was a threat, it was a physical threat.”


Loeffler lamented the fact there has been little bipartisan cooperation at pressing issues that would otherwise receive support from both Republicans and Democrats, including the issue of life as well as the federal coronavirus response.

“We saw last week with the Born Alive bill being voted down, common-sense legislation to save babies after an abortion that was botched aren’t even passing, so this politicization of everything has gone too far,” she said, adding that “every life is a blessing.”


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