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Kelly Loeffler Releases New Television Ad

ATLANTA- Today, conservative businesswomen and political outsider Kelly Loeffler aired her second television ad, “Really Matter,” which highlights her journey fromsmall-town farm girl to self-made businesswoman and emphasizes the conservative values that she brings to Washington, D.C.

“From the family farm to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, I have lived the American Dream,” said Sen. Loeffler. “With hard work and determination, I built a successful business career and grew companies that created jobs and economic opportunity throughout our great nation. Washington is filled with career politicians who talk a big game but fail to deliver. I am working hard to advance policies that keep Georgia and America moving in the right direction because results – not rhetoric – really matter.”

“Kelly Loeffler is a political outsider with a proven track record of accomplishments in the private sector,” said Press Secretary Caitlin O’Dea. “She brought her conservative values to Washington and is putting them to work for the American people.

“In a matter of weeks, Kelly has championed fair trade deals, co-sponsored pro-life legislation, and confirmed conservative judges. She is getting the job done and making good on her promise to deliver real results for Georgia families.”

Loeffler’s second ad is part of an advertising plan that is slated to spend nearly $4 million in the first quarter of 2020. “Really Matter” will launch statewide on broadcast, cable, radio, and digital.


I’ve only been in Washington a few weeks – and it’s even worse than you thought.
I’ve spent my life in business, not politics.
I grew up on our family farm…working in the fields…showing cattle.
I waited tables through school…and spent Sundays in church.
Through it all, I learned hard work and results really matter.
I’m Kelly Loeffler, and I approve this message – because that’s what Washington needs.