Kelly Loeffler Votes to Confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett


ATLANTA – Yesterday, conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler proudly cast one of the deciding votes to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Click the photo below to see Senator Loeffler’s reaction after voting to confirm Justice Barrett.

Kelly Loeffler Votes to Confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett 1

“Justice Amy Coney Barrett is an exceptional jurist, a devoted wife and mother, and I believe will be known for being one of the preeminent legal minds in our country’s history,” Senator Loeffler said. “As the first U.S. Senator to call for the nomination and confirmation of a new Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, I was honored to vote to confirm Judge Barrett’s nomination to our nation’s highest Court.

“I voted to confirm Justice Barrett because she will interpret the law as written, uphold the Constitution and protect individual liberties guaranteed to every American that are unfortunately far too often under attack.

“Sadly, Senate Democrats decided to try to block this confirmation – all while holding up coronavirus relief for hardworking Americans. Nonetheless, Senate Republicans stood with precedent – and the will of the American people – to fulfill our duty and confirm Amy Coney Barrett.

“Justice Barrett has already proven herself to be a true defender of the Constitution as an originalist who will protect our rights. I firmly believe Amy Coney Barrett will go down as one of the strongest Supreme Court Justices in our country’s history, and her confirmation today is a victory for America.”


Stephen Lawson

Communications Director

[email protected]