Exposed: Doug Collins’ Liberal Voting Record


ATLANTA – Actions always speak louder than words, and while career politician Doug Collins claims to be a “conservative,” his extensive liberal voting record says otherwise. Georgians need to be aware of the truth about D.C. Doug Collins:

  • Received an “F” rating from Conservative Review.
  • Ranked second-most liberal Georgia Republican in the House.
  • Ranked more liberal than 87% of Congressional Republicans.
  • Ranked the 173rd most conservative member of Congress –– He even has a more liberal voting record than multiple House Democrats.
  • Voted with Nancy Pelosi over 800 times.
  • Voted with Stacey Abrams over 300 times.
  • Voted for every single one of Barack Obama’s big-spending budgets.
  • Voted to fund amnesty, sanctuary cities and Common Core.
  • Worked with radical liberal Stacey Abrams to undermine 2nd-Amendment Rights in Georgia and put violent criminals back on the streets.
  • Received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Tech companies and then protected them from investigation in Congress.

“For 15 years, Doug Collins has sold out Georgia conservatives. He’s ranked one of the most liberal Congressional Republicans, voted with Nancy Pelosi over 800 times, partnered with Stacey Abrams over 300 times, and even received an ‘F’ rating from Conservative Review,” said Kelly Loeffler. “Georgians deserve a true conservative champion and a political outsider who won’t pay lip service to hardworking Georgians and their families. As the most conservative U.S. Senator in America who is endorsed by National Right to Life and has a 100-percent Trump voting record, I am the only candidate in this race with a proven record of results. No matter what, I will always stand up and fight for our conservative values.”

While fake conservative Doug Collins says one thing and does another, Kelly Loeffler has been hard at work to advance President Trump’s conservative agenda. Notably, Kelly Loeffler has a 100-percent Trump voting record, and she was recently ranked the most conservative senator in America. She will always protect innocent life, stand up for the 2nd Amendment, crack down on crime and illegal immigration and fight the far-left extremists who want to take over America.


Stephen Lawson

Communications Director