Loeffler Campaign Launches New Digital Ad Campaign Targeting Doug Collins Failed, Liberal Record

Doug Collins failed liberal record

ATLANTA—Today, the Georgians for Kelly Loeffler campaign launched a new digital ad and announced a six-figure online campaign targeting Doug Collins failed, liberal record as a career politician. The campaign will highlight Collins’ votes for higher taxes and wasteful spending, support for criminals and illegal immigrants, and his cozy relationship with liberal Democrats like Stacey Abrams.

“Doug Collins thought he could run around telling lies, but the truth is his record has been a complete disaster for Georgians,” said Stephen Lawson, Loeffler Campaign Communications Director. “From voting for billions in tax increases and reckless spending to funding sanctuary cities and Common Core, Doug Collins’ record makes Mitt Romney look like a conservative hero.

“Given his votes with Stacey Abrams and Nancy Pelosi, even motor-mouth Doug Collins won’t be able to explain away his failed record as a career politician and Johnny-come-lately conservative.”

The new digital ad, “Typical Career Politican”, is the first in a series of ads that will show Georgians who the real Doug Collins is. It will run statewide across all DMAs on multiple advertising channels including Verizon, Facebook, and YouTube. Click HERE to see the ad.


At a June 2012 Candidate Debate, Collins Said, “I Would Not Be In Favor of Term Limits” and Added that They Would Bring “Unintended Consequences” [MODERATOR – 13:58] “Do you believe that Congressmen should have term limits? …” [DOUG COLLINS – 14:54] “I think what, at this point in time, is that the Constitution set out … the way we do elections. I would not be in favor of term limits …” (Nydia Tisdale Channel, “Roger Fitzpatrick v. Doug Collins for Georgia’s 9th congressional district 06/25/12,” YouTube.com, posted July 15, 2012)

According to the Senate Research Office, The Last Three State Budgets Collins Voted for Included More than $3 Million in Funding for Common Core Curriculum Implementation (Common Core Standards, Table 1, Senate Research Office, June 2013; HB 948 (2009-2010), House Vote #1002, Adopt 137-33, 4/29/2010, Collins-YEA; HB 78 (2011-2012), House Vote #294,Adopt 143-32, 4/12/2011, Collins-YEA; HB 742 (2011-2012), House Vote #780, Adopt 143-24, 3/27/2012, Collins-YEA)

Doug Collins Voted For Funding For Sanctuary Cities And Amnesty (Roll Call # 21, 1/15/14; Roll Call # 705, 12/18/15; Roll Call Vote # 573, 9/28/16)

On April 22, 2010, in a Georgia House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee Meeting, Collins voted to approve the Committee’s amended version of SB 308, which made it a criminal offense to carry a firearm at private elementary and secondary schools. “Stacey Abrams (D-84, Atlanta) proposed an amendment to make it a criminal offense to carry a firearm at private elementary and secondary schools, undermining the premise of SB 308, that private property owners will be able to make their own decisions about their own property. The Abrams amendment picked up some Republican votes and passed the subcommittee. The Republicans who voted in favor of this particular gun ban were Matt Ramsey (R – 72, Peachtree City), Doug Collins (R-27, Gainesville), and Sharon Cooper (R-41, Marietta). The amendment treats private schools the same as public schools and passed 6 to 4. (“GA Bills: SB 308 Update,” Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner, April 20, 2010)

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director
[email protected]