Supporting Law Enforcement, Economic Recovery, and Voting in Georgia


ATLANTA – Today, conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler joined Fox News to discuss her strong support of law enforcement, emphasize the importance of free and fair elections, and advocate for an economic recovery strategy that will put Americans back to work.

Click the photo below to watch Sen. Loeffler’s full interview with Maria Bartiromo:

Kelly Loeffler on Fox News Supporting Law Enforcement, Economic Recovery, and Voting in Georgia

On supporting law enforcement:

“We cannot defund the police. This movement is completely wrong. In fact, we need to give the police more resources….They do tremendous work for us, keeping us safe, and I know the President is looking at how we preserve law and order. We can always improve. That’s what America does…And I trust that what comes out of this process will be positive, it’ll bring that needed change – so that police officers get the respect that they deserve and the resources that they need to keep our communities safe. I just have to say thank you to our law enforcement community for everything they do every day across the community because I know they want the bad apples rooted out too.”

On Georgia’s elections:

“What we saw on Tuesday is unacceptable. It really doesn’t represent the best of Georgia. I know we’ll come together to fix those challenges. People have to have free, fair access to vote and we have to have confidence in the system so everyone who wants to vote gets to vote. And yes, in November we have to completely fix that and I trust that the state and the counties are very much working on that today.”

On getting business back to work:

“When Georgia reopened, we continued to flatten the curve. We’ve seen hospitalizations decline, the rate of deaths decline. We’ve done it safely and people are thrilled to be back in their jobs, getting back to church and synagogue. We need to continue that dialogue…I’ve developed a plan called USA RISE plan about how we go back to work safely and rebuild the economy at the same time – managing the safety precautions we need to take around the virus. But the number one concern right now has to be getting people back to work safely.”

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director