ICYMI: Kelly Loeffler Joins Fox News to Discuss Leading the Charge to Protect Girls’ Sports


ATLANTA – In case you missed it, conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler joined Shannon Bream on Fox News last night to discuss leading the charge to protect girls’ sports. Recently, Senator Loeffler introduced the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, which would withhold federal funding from schools that allow biological men to play girls’ sports.

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ICYMI: Kelly Loeffler Joins Fox News to Discuss Leading the Charge to Protect Girls' Sports 1

View excerpts of Senator Loeffler’s interview below:

“It’s not surprising the Left’s coming after me for suggesting that girls should compete against girls in girls’ sports. But the fact is, in 1972, Title IX was passed to establish fairness and equality for girls in things like sports to make sure that federal funding didn’t promote discrimination. I know just having grown up and played sports that, had I had to compete against boys in that first track meet, I would have been very discouraged … I know what sports can teach girls: resilience, teamwork, hard work, confidence, and I want to make sure that all girls have that opportunity. And that’s what this is really about, and it’s just sad to see the Left pushing back against the progress that we’ve made for women to achieve equality in sports. It’s why we have the NBA and the WNBA. There are biological differences, and in fact, men do have larger muscle mass, greater oxygen capacity, larger bones, and that does make performance differences…”

“I’m a political outsider; I just stepped in to public service this year. I have been committed … to standing up for family values [and] to the cancel culture. This is an issue that virtually all Americans agree with. Girls should compete against girls … and so that’s why I stood up: because I’m not going to be intimidated by the Left.”


Stephen Lawson

Communications Director