Kelly Loeffler Releases New Ad Highlighting Support for Conservative Supreme Court Pick


ATLANTA – Today, conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler released a new ad, entitled “Saving America,” highlighting her support for a strong conservative Supreme Court nominee and contrasting her stance with her opponent Raphael Warnock’s support for a pro-choice, radically liberal Supreme Court. Senator Loeffler was the first United States Senator to call for President Trump to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat before Election Day.

“As the first U.S. Senator to support President Trump’s decision to put forward a Supreme Court nominee before Election Day, I have led the charge to advocate for a conservative on the bench,” said Senator Loeffler. “Our nation desperately needs another pro-life justice who will uphold the Constitution and defend conservative values. That’s exactly the type of nominee I’ll be confirming in a few weeks, and it’s exactly why we can’t afford to elect liberals like Raphael Warnock – who would instead try to pack our courts with dangerous, pro-choice, anti-law radicals just like him.”

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Kelly Loeffler Releases New Ad Highlighting Support for Conservative Supreme Court Pick 1

View the ad transcript below:

NARRATOR 1: The stakes in the U.S. Senate race couldn’t be higher.

NARRATOR 2: Raphael Warnock wants to stop President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Warnock wants a radically liberal Supreme Court.

NARRATOR 1: Conservative Kelly Loeffler was the first senator in America to urge President Trump to go forward on the Court.

NARRATOR 2: Endorsed by National Right to Life, Kelly Loeffler will never back down. This is about saving lives – and saving America.


Stephen Lawson

Communications Director

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