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Senator Loeffler, First Lady Marty Kemp Announce Women for Kelly Coalition

Women for Kelly

ATLANTA—Today, political outsider and conservative businesswoman Kelly Loeffler announced the formation of the “Women for Kelly” coalition, which will be chaired by First Lady Marty Kemp. This is the first coalition the campaign has announced and highlights the instrumental role the First Lady and women across Georgia will play in Sen. Loeffler’s campaign. The “Women for Kelly” coalition will also have a number of prominent female leaders in communities across Georgia to mobilize support ahead of the November election.

“Kelly Loeffler is a conservative businesswoman and political outsider who has been fighting tirelessly for our conservative values since Brian appointed her earlier this year,” said First Lady Marty Kemp. “Before the pandemic, Kelly was hard at work sponsoring pro-life bills to end taxpayer-funded abortion, signing on to Second Amendment bills to defend our right to bear arms, and working closely with President Trump to create jobs, protect our families, and defend the American Dream from radical socialism. Over the past couple months, she’s been working around the clock to deliver results for Georgia families and businesses impacted by COVID-19. Like Brian, Kelly is a common-sense, no-nonsense leader with a proven conservative record and a long history of delivering results in the business world. I’m encouraging women across our great state to join the Women for Kelly coalition today. With your support, I’m confident that we can deliver another tremendous victory for Georgia’s conservatives just like we did in 2018.”

“I am excited to kick off the Women for Kelly coalition, and I’m honored to have First Lady Marty Kemp at the helm – a strong female leader who has been fighting for women across our state since Day One,” said Senator Loeffler. “Together, we’re taking that fight to the campaign trail – where we’ll be working tirelessly to advance the conservative values that have long enabled women – and every American – to achieve new heights of success. Marty and I have spent our lives breaking the glass ceiling, in business and in politics, and we’re ready to make sure that women across Georgia are empowered to do the same.”

The Women for Kelly Coalition Leadership Team is as follows:

Chairwoman Marty Kemp, First Lady of Georgia

Co-Chair Jaclyn Ford 

Co-Chair Janelle King

Co-Chair Jodi Lott, State Representative

Co-Chair Lesley Reynolds

To sign up to join the Women for Kelly Coalition, click HERE.

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director
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