Trial Lawyer Doug Collins Promised to “Shoulder that Burden” for Murderers, Rapists, Child Abusers


ATLANTA – Before morphing into a full-time career politician, Doug Collins was a criminal defense attorney who put his paycheck above public safety. As a partner at Collins & Csider, Collins worked around the clock to keep his clients out of jail. The firm marketed their services directly to vile criminals online and promised to “shoulder that burden” for murderers, rapists and child abusers:

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Collins came through for his criminal clients, successfully securing reduced or dismissed charges for several accused of armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault. Several of Collins’ most notorious criminal clients became repeat offenders.

“Doug Collins and his firm actively and aggressively marketed his legal services to some of Georgia’s most dangerous and vile criminals,” said Stephen Lawson, Communications Director. “He was unapologetic in his pursuit of reduced sentencing for violent offenders who went on to commit more crimes and put Georgia families at risk.

“It’s clear that Kelly Loeffler is the only conservative in this race who can proudly stand with President Trump as he fights to restore law and order in America by putting dangerous criminals behind bars where they belong. Doug Collins would be better off running for Mayor of Portland or Chicago where his record of lawlessness would be applauded by the woke mob and liberal electorate.”


Collins & Csider’s Website Marketed Its Services To Defendants Accused Of Felonies And Misdemeanors (Collins & Csider, Archived 8/12/15)

Collins & Csider Offered To Quash Prosecutions By “Talking To The Officers Involved In Arrest” And Persuading Prosecutors To Dismiss Cases Or Reduce Them To A Lesser Offense.” “Over the years, we have prevented cases from being filed by talking to the officers involved in arrest. We have also been successful in persuading prosecutors to dismiss cases or reduce them to a lesser offense by exposing the weakness of a case. So, you see, you never know what type of a positive outcome can be achieved with your case, unless you take the time to call us. Your first consultation is free, and in some cases I can meet you at a time and place that’s convenient for you.” (Collins & Csider, Archived 8/12/15)

Collins & Csider Offered To “Defend False Allegations Of [Domestic] Abuse.” “Domestic violence includes both emotional and physical abuse, threats, stalking and similar mistreatment. Our lawyers can determine whether a Petition under the Family Violence Act is appropriate or whether a Restraining Order should be entered within the pending divorce action. We can also defend false allegations of abuse.” (Collins & Csider, Archived 8/12/15)

In June 2008, Collins Defended Jeremy Scroger, Shacara Rucker, Shinard Cook, Sidney Howell, And Siedah Smith On Charges Of Armed Robbery, Criminal Conspiracy, Two Kidnappings, Four Aggravated Assaults, And Theft. Rucker Was Also Charged With Possessing A Firearm For Use In A Crime; The Charge Was Eventually Dismissed. Scroger, Rucker, And Cook Were Found Guilty Of Criminal Conspiracy And Two Kidnappings, Though The Kidnappings Were Amended To Lighter Charges. The Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, And Theft Charges Against Scroger, Rucker, And Cook Were Dismissed. (Case No. 2009CR000650, Hall County Superior Court, Filed 6/30/08)

Rucker, Howell, And Smith Went On To Commit More Crimes, Including Battery, Theft, And Obstructing A Police Officer. (Case No. 2010SR000778, Hall County State Court, Filed 2/16/10; Case No. 2008SR005735, Hall County State Court, Filed 8/12/08; Hall County Courts, Accessed 2/5/20)

The Defendants Reportedly Robbed A McDonald’s Restaurant At Gunpoint, Forcing Employees Into A Walk-In Cooler. “Five people have been arrested in connection with the early morning armed robbery of a Flowery Branch McDonald’s restaurant, including an employee whom investigators believe was involved. Hall County Sheriff’s Col. Jeff Strickland said two females and two males were let into the restaurant at 3 a.m. Friday by an employee, supposedly to use the bathroom. One of the four suspects pulled out a small caliber handgun and forced two of the restaurant’s three employees into a walk-in cooler. The third employee opened the safe for the robbers and handed over an undisclosed amount of cash, Strickland said. No one was injured and the cooler was not locked…After questioning the employees, investigators determined that one of the McDonald’s workers, 24-year-old Jeremy Scroger, assisted in the robbery, Strickland said. After securing a search warrant, investigators recovered the handgun and the stolen money from the Mazda, Strickland said. Scroger was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. Also charged with armed robbery and kidnapping were Sidney Lewis Howell, 17, Shinard Ryaston Cook, 18, Siedah Yasmeen Smith, 21, and Shacarra Rucker, 18.” (Stephen Gurr, “Five Are Arrested In McDonalds Robbery,” Gainesville Times, 5/29/09)


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