Loeffler Campaign Releases New Ad Exposing Doug Collins’ Reckless Record of Raising Taxes

ATLANTA — Today, Georgians for Kelly Loeffler released a new ad exposing Doug Collins’ disastrous record of raising taxes on hardworking Georgians – including his vote to pass the “largest tax increase” in Georgia history with his “good friend,” Stacey Abrams.
“Doug Collins plays a conservative on TV – but the truth is he’s spent his political career raising taxes on hardworking Georgians,” said Communications Director Stephen Lawson. “In the Georgia legislature, Doug teamed up with his ‘good friend’ Stacey Abrams to champion the largest tax increase in Georgia history. He even sided with special interests to increase fees on farmers, gun owners, and couples trying to get married.
“Georgians want a conservative businessperson like Kelly Loeffler who knows how to balance a budget and create jobs – not another phony politician like Doug Collins who taxes everything, spends recklessly, and views taxpayers as a piggybank for his paycheck.”
Click HERE or below to watch the new TV ad:
Doug Collins' disastrous record of raising taxes on hardworking Georgians
In March 2009, Collins And Abrams Voted For HR 206, A Resolution To Place A Constitutional Amendment On The 2010 General Election Ballot To Raise Sales Taxes Statewide By One Percent. (H.R. 206, Vote #105, Adopted 151 – 15, Georgia General Assembly, Collins And Abrams Voted Yea, 3/3/09)
Georgia’s Then-Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle Said H.R. 206 Would Create ‘The Largest Tax Increase In Georgia History.’ ‘The state House of Representatives on Tuesday agreed to ask voters to approve a new 1-cent sales tax to pay for statewide transportation projects … The man who presides in the Senate has not been a fan of the House plan. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle said last month that the House’s attempt to levy a statewide sales tax would amount to ‘the largest tax increase in Georgia history.'” (“Lawmakers Not On Same Transit Track; House Wants Statewide Vote On Tax; Senate Version Calls For Region-By-Region Say On Increases,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/4/09)
H.R. 206, Would Have Raised Taxes $25 Billion Statewide Over Ten Years For Georgia Transportation Projects. “Republican legislative leaders have been reluctant to back tax increases to help Georgia fill a $2.6 billion deficit, but both chambers of the state legislature have now adopted separate plans to allow voters to decide whether to adopt a 1 percent sales tax increase for transportation improvements … The House plan favors a statewide sales tax that would raise $25 billion for state transportation projects over the next decade … State Rep. Doug Collins, R-Gainesville, said he supported the bill because it will serve all of Georgia. ‘The main thing we’re looking at is a statewide approach,’ Collins said. ‘For the district up in Gainesville to think we’re not connected with the coast, or Atlanta or South Georgia is being blind to the issue of transportation.'”(Harris Blackwood, “General Assembly May Fight Over Taxes,” Gainesville Times, 3/3/09)
Collins Refers To Abrams As “A Good Friend.” “Believe it or not Stacey Abrams and I are good friends.” (“A Conversation with U.S. Congressman Doug Collins and Former MA Governor Jane Swift,” Boston College School Of Law, 2/5/20)
On April 14, 2010, Collins Voted For HB 1055, A Broader Bill That Increased Dozens Of State User Fees. The Bill Increased Fees On Agricultural Companies, Raising Fees On Grain And Cotton Warehouses From $500-$2,000 To $600-$2,500; And For Other Agricultural Warehouses From $500-$1,000 To $600-$2,500. H.B. 1055 Increased The Annual Registration Fee Paid By Corporations To The Georgia Secretary Of State From $30 To $50. HB 1055 Increased The Cost Of A Permit To Discharge Fireworks From $25 To $30; Increased The Cost Of An Application For A Firearms License From $15 To $20, And The Cost For Issuing A Replacement Firearms License From $5 To $6; And Increased The Cost Of An Application For A Marriage License From $35 To $40. (H.B. 1055Vote #829, Georgia General Assembly, Passed 107 – 63, Collins Voted Yea, 4/14/10)
In April 2010, Collins Voted For S.R. 277 Which Would Place An Annual $10 Vehicle Tag Tax On The Georgia Ballot. (S.R. 277, Vote #975, Georgia General Assembly, Passed 149 – 14, Collins Voted Yea, 4/29/10)
Stephen Lawson
Communications Director