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Ten Polls in a Row: Loeffler Has the Lead


ATLANTA – Today, the New York Times released the results of its latest poll, which shows Senator Loeffler leading with 23% in the race for her United States Senate seat – followed by Raphael Warnock and Doug Collins each at 19%. The poll, which surveyed 523 likely Georgia voters from September 16 to 21, also shows Senator Loeffler leading Doug Collins among Republicans 49% to 35%. Senator Loeffler’s lead in this poll is consistent with others, including those released by Atlanta Journal Constitution and Redfield & Wilton Strategies. In fact, it is the tenth consecutive poll to show Senator Loeffler with a commanding lead in her race.

“Georgians have rejected the career politicians and radical liberals who have failed them time and again, which is exactly why Kelly Loeffler has dominated every public poll for the last two months,” said Communications Director Stephen Lawson. “Endorsed by the National Right to Life and rated the most conservative senator in America, Kelly has a 100% Trump voting record. Even the New York Times can’t deny that Kelly is the clear frontrunner in her race – and with less than six weeks until Election Day, she’s well on track to deliver a big victory for Georgia conservatives in November.”

Senator Loeffler’s latest momentum in the polls only solidifies her frontrunner status in the race for United States Senate – where she also holds a commanding lead over her opponents in local and state endorsementscash on hand, and grassroots organization across all 159 counties.


Stephen Lawson

Communications Director

[email protected]