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MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson Rips Doug Collins Over Allegiance to Big Tech


ATLANTA — Career politician and D.C. insider Doug Collins has once again betrayed the interests of hardworking Georgians by defending big tech companies despite their demonstrated history of censoring conservatives. In a letter to Jerry Nadler, Collins tried to prevent an investigation into big tech companies, arguing that not all tech monopolies are inherently bad, or need to be broken up.

In response, Tucker Carlson exposed Doug’s ridiculous allegiance to big tech companies on his show last night:

Tucker Carlson rips Doug Collins on Big Tech

“How about house Republicans? Well this spring, Congressman Doug Collins, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, and Jim Sensenbrenner, the ranking member of the Antitrust Sub-Committee – released a letter defending Google and the other tech monopolies from scrutiny. They attacked any investigation of the tech companies that might have ‘preconceived conclusions that large tech companies are inherently bad, or must be broken up.’ They actually wrote that. Who is paying these guys? And more to the point, whose side are they on? Again, let us hope for a vigorous primary challenge to these two, and any who share this view. Year in and year out we vote for these people in the fervent hope they will stand up for us when it matters. Now it matters. And now – like every time before – they sell us out. Time is up. It is too much. The stakes are too high. We need better leadership. We need someone to protect us when nobody is.”

Conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler, meanwhile, is standing with conservative voices and against the big tech companies trying to silence them. Just last week, Sen. Loeffler urged the FCC and Federal Trade Commission to investigate social media platforms for using Section 230 loopholes to censor conservatives.

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director