USA RISE Plan Summary

Summary: USA Restoring & Igniting the Strength of our Economy (USA RISE) Plan

Key Concepts to Drive Economic Security, Opportunity and Investing in America

As a member of the U.S. Senate and of President Trump’s Opening Up America Again Congressional Group, I am dedicating my decades of business experience to helping address our country’s economic recovery from this global pandemic. The USA Rise Plan offers a basic framework for a dialogue about America’s return to growth, and to limit any further spending to specific areas targeted at strengthening our country. My first priority in this unprecedented health crisis is to do all I can to keep Georgians and all Americans healthy. This, in turn, will help our economic security, which means protecting lives and livelihoods. The Trump administration and Congress have moved quickly to address the COVID-19 pandemic by providing funding to strengthen our healthcare infrastructure, and deliver relief to families, farmers and employers across the country. Addressing the safety of Americans while we contain the spread and develop diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines remains the highest priority.

With that in mind, we also must address another growing danger. The societal and economic impacts of the measures taken to address COVID-19 are becoming clear. Economic statistics alone do not convey the full costs of this pandemic on our country. It is not only jobs and income lost, but futures impacted, isolation, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, suicide and domestic abuse. The long-term impacts to children, young adults and the most vulnerable are yet to be seen. And now we are seeing evidence of civil liberties being threatened in favor of expanding the government’s reach into our lives. America is at its best when we come together to meet the moment as we are doing to flatten the curve, while equipped with our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

In the private sector, I went from being a job seeker to a job creator, helping a small company grow into a Fortune 500 company. As a member of the President’s congressional group to Open Up America Again, I am focused on solutions that contribute to the dialogue of economic recovery without unnecessarily growing the federal government. Ongoing expansion of the national debt does not come without costs to future generations. That’s why I’ve stayed in close contact with our hospitals, officials in our state, first responders, food banks, small business owners, farmers, ranchers and producers, educators, community banks, our largest employers, nonprofits and chambers of commerce across Georgia to ensure that we are targeted in further investments in our economic recovery.

While my primary concern remains protecting our health, there is a clear need to restart our economy safely. Too many Georgians and Americans have lost their jobs. That’s why I developed the USA Restoring & Igniting the Strength of our Economy (RISE) Plan. It acknowledges the success of President Trump’s America First agenda in creating jobs and opportunity, reducing bureaucracy and lowering taxes, while ensuring the effectiveness of significant relief made available under legislation recently passed by Congress. It recognizes the goals of a private sector-driven expansion where the government does not crowd out the private sector and its jobs-creation engine.

Made in the USA: Business, Supply Chains & Infrastructure that Works
For too long, our manufacturing has moved overseas. Now more than ever, we need to reinvest in American industry. We should invest in infrastructure to spur economic development across the country and ensure that America is the best country in the world to do business. We should incentivize companies to return to U.S. to grow jobs and reduce our dependence on other countries. Through our response efforts to COVID-19, we were reminded of how dangerous relying on other countries, especially China, can be for our supply chains.

  • Address the need to shift critical parts of our supply chains to America. Implement a “Made in the USA” tax incentive package to provide investment tax credits, intellectual property incentives, and accelerated expensing to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.
  • Eliminate payroll taxes for employers for the balance of 2020
  • Negotiate and enforce trade agreements that put U.S. manufacturers on a level playing field
  • Pass an infrastructure package to spur economic activity across the country
  • Evaluate CARES Act provisions to ensure all relief designed to provide liquidity to employers is made available on a timely basis, and no later than May 31

Grown in the USA: Feeding, Clothing & Connecting Americans
Farmers are struggling to distribute their products and maintain a workforce while more Americans are turning to their local food banks. We need to harness our agricultural advantage to support farmers and ensure all Americans have plenty of healthy, available food. American farmers need support and they need domestic supply chains and purchasers for their products now. Any future trade deal with China must hold them accountable for their role in spreading the coronavirus and should focus on shifting supply chains back to the U.S.

  • Evaluate the CARES Act provisions to ensure we are maximizing the impact to support and sustain our nation’s food supply
  • Create Agricultural Alliance to connect food banks and grocers with American farmers, remove red tape, and create continuous flow of produce
  • Enforce China trade deals to hold Chinese government accountable and ensure fair trade for farmers, businesses and consumers
  • Address imports of agriculture products to ensure that these products do not crowd our domestic production of fruit, vegetables and other crops
  • Expand efforts to complete rural broadband rollout by the end of 2022

Hiring in the USA: Sustaining Employment & Small Business
Small businesses employ half of all Americans, but have been particularly hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to revitalize our small businesses to help them survive these challenging times, keep employees on payroll and create jobs. A key component to that is removing regulatory barriers and incentivizing job creation.

  • Prevent further expansion of unemployment insurance, offering states flexibility to use supplemental Federal unemployment funds to keep employees connected to jobs
  • Provide immediate regulatory relief for businesses in areas that impede hiring, business formation, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Extend by one month the time that employers have to rehire employees for the small business loan period
  • Make the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s tax cuts for working and middle class families permanent
  • Two years of business rate cuts and expensing to stimulate job creation and capital expenditures
  • Provide liability protections for businesses, hospitals, and agribusiness that have been impacted by the pandemic and are working to reopen their doors and continue serving Americans
  • Provide trade school and retraining assistance for workers displaced from pre-COVID jobs
  • Provide incentives for medical, nursing and med-tech education completed by 2025

Families in the USA: Supporting Healthy Lives & Families
Too many families have lost their incomes and are struggling to afford their mortgage or rent and put food on the table. We need to support families to build strong futures for our children. We must also support the organizations that are dedicated to that shared mission and provide crucial family services like child care.

  • Provide targeted relief for families who have lost their job or been negatively impacted by the pandemic through assistance to working families with dependent children
  • Expand funding for the Victims of Child Abuse Program to help vulnerable children
  • Lift restrictions on the Paycheck Protection Program for churches, food banks, YMCAs and civil society institutions so they can seamlessly access relief