Raphael Warnock Refuses to Answer Questions About Child Abuse Investigation


ATLANTA – As revealed this week, Raphael Warnock was arrested in 2002 for obstructing a police investigation into suspected child abuse that occurred under his purview. Warnock was a senior pastor at the Douglas Memorial Community Church in Baltimore, which was running a summer camp where there was suspected child abuse occurring. When police attempted to investigate the allegations at Camp Farthest Out, Warnock and another pastor obstructed their investigation – and later tried to prevent a camper from talking to the police. As reported by the Baltimore Sun at the time, arresting officers from the Child and Sexual Assault Unit had “never encountered resistance like [Warnock’s] at all.”

In the days since this story resurfaced, Warnock has refused to answer any questions about what happened, including:

  • Why were police called to investigate child abuse at Camp Farthest Out?
  • What was the nature of the child abuse in question?
  • How many people were involved?
  • What was his involvement?
  • How much did he know?

“If Raphael Warnock wants Georgia voters to believe anything he says, he needs to come clean, answer these very simple questions, and explain what happened,” said Communications Director Stephen Lawson.


Stephen Lawson

Communications Director

[email protected]