What Kind of ‘Conservative’ Votes for Billions in Wasteful Spending? Doug Collins.


ATLANTA – Today, Georgians for Kelly Loeffler released the newest installment of their “What Kind of Conservative?” digital ad campaign, which exposes Doug Collins as a fake conservative who sides with liberal Democrats to vote for higher taxes, bloated budgets, and funding for sanctuary cities.

Doug Collins claims to be a fiscal conservative, but his record shows that couldn’t be further from the truth. In Congress, Doug voted with Nancy Pelosi for billions of dollars worth of wasteful spending, like congressional wine tastings and a bailout for Puerto Rico.

Conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler is a proven fiscal conservative. Unlike tax-and-spend career politician Doug Collins, Kelly understands the importance of balanced budgets and the need for good fiscal stewardship. She has co-sponsored legislation to reduce deficits and rein in out-of-control government spending.

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What Kind of 'Conservative' Votes for Billions in Wasteful Spending? Doug Collins.

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“What kind of ‘conservative’ would vote for billions in wasteful spending, like congressional wine tastings and bailouts for Puerto Rico? This kind: career politician Doug Collins. He only plays a conservative on TV.”


IN 2013, COLLINS OPPOSED AMENDMENT 55 TO HR 1947, WHICH SOUGHT TO REPEAL SECTION 3102, WHICH REAUTHORIZED THE MARKET ACCESS PROGRAM (MAP) UNTIL 2018. American Conservative Union Supported The Amendment, Claiming It Would Have Ended The Market Access Program That Spends Taxpayer Money On Wine Tastings In Four Foreign Countries And An Outdoor Dinner Party In India To Discuss The Value Of Prunes..” (H.R. 1947, Roll Call Vote #263, Collins Voted No, 6/19/13; “Doug Collins,” The Club For Growth, Accessed 10/9/19)

IN 2016, COLLINS VOTED FOR A BILL THAT WOULD ALLOW FOR A BAILOUT OF PUERTO RICO. Conservative Review Criticized The Bill For Giving Puerto Rico Bankruptcy-Like Powers That Have Otherwise Been Found Unconstitutional. Heritage Action Criticized The Bill For Solving Short Term Problems And “Made It Likely That Puerto Rico Will Be Back Again Asking For A Bailout.” (H.R. 329, Roll Call Vote #288, Collins Voted Yea, 6/10/15; “Vote Alert: House: Support Bailing Out Puerto Rico,” Conservative Review, Accessed 10/9/19; “Puerto Rico Oversight, Management And Economic Stability Act,” Heritage Action, Accessed 10/9/19).

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director