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Loeffler Campaign Launches “What Kind of Conservative?” Ad Series


ATLANTA – Today, the Georgians for Kelly Loeffler campaign launched its new “What Kind of Conservative?” digital ad campaign highlighting Doug Collins’ failed record as a pretend conservative who says one thing and does another. From siding with liberal Democrats like Stacey Abrams to raise taxes to voting for wasteful spending projects and restrictions on our 2nd Amendment rights, Doug Collins is not who he says he is.

The first ad in the series uncovers Collins’ record of teaming up with Barack Obama to pass big spending budgets, support tax increases, and oppose term limits.

The new digital ad series, “What Kind of Conservative?” will run statewide across all DMAs on multiple advertising channels including Verizon, Facebook, and YouTube. Additional ads in the series will be released over the coming weeks.

Click HERE or below to view the first spot:

Doug Collins - Another Career Politician with a Liberal Record

View the ad transcript below:

“What kind of ‘conservative’ would oppose term limits? Supported Barack Obama’s big spending budgets? And the largest tax increase in Georgia history? This kind: career politician Doug Collins. He only plays a conservative on TV.”


Doug Collins Voted for Barack Obama’s big spending budgets. (Roll Call Vote # 563, 12/11/14; Roll Call Vote # 705, 12/18/15)

In the GA legislature, Doug Collins voted repeatedly for higher taxes, including supporting what some have called the largest tax increase in GA history. (HR 206, House Vote #105, 3/3/2009)

In May, Doug Collins said “It’s time to stop worrying about bumper sticker answers such as term limits.” (Doug Collins interview with Alana Austin, Gray TV, May 6, 2020)

At a June 2012 Candidate Debate, Collins Said, “I Would Not Be In Favor of Term Limits” and Added that They Would Bring “Unintended Consequences” [MODERATOR – 13:58] “Do you believe that Congressmen should have term limits? …” [DOUG COLLINS – 14:54] “I think what, at this point in time, is that the Constitution set out … the way we do elections. I would not be in favor of term limits …” (Nydia Tisdale Channel, “Roger Fitzpatrick v. Doug Collins for Georgia’s 9th congressional district 06/25/12,” YouTube.com, posted July 15, 2012)

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director