Where’s Warnock on Defund Police, JUSTICE Act, Violent Protests?


ATLANTA — As radical ideas continue to spur violence and anarchy in communities across America, Senator Kelly Loeffler has led the charge to support our law enforcement officers and fight back against the anti-police movement of the Democratic Party. But Raphael Warnock – the Democratic Party’s handpicked candidate for U.S. Senate – has been nowhere to be found as his Party endorses defunding the police, violent protest, and the obstruction of the JUSTICE ACT.

Today, conservative businesswoman and political outsider Kelly Loeffler called on Warnock to tell Georgia voters where he stands on the radical ideas being promoted by his own party and by key supporters of his campaign:

“Georgians deserve to know where Raphael Warnock stands – especially when it comes to the radical policies being endorsed by his allies.

“I stand with our men and women in uniform and for keeping our communities safe. That’s why I authored legislation to fully fund police departments and why I co-sponsored the JUSTICE Act. The question is: Does Raphael Warnock agree with his fellow Democrats who have endorsed him that the police should be defunded?

“I stand against the violence that has terrorized our state and our country. That’s why I have condemned lawlessness and stood strongly against those destroying our monuments and destroying our communities. How about Raphael Warnock? His radical supporters embrace ANTIFA, encourage violence, and defend the rioters wreaking havoc in our communities. Does he support these violent protests, unlawful destruction of monuments, and the burning, looting and rioting that are going on in our state and in our country?

“It’s abundantly clear that Raphael Warnock is taking a page out of Joe Biden’s hide and seek playbook. When the stakes are this high, we all deserve courage and accountability from our candidates. Where’s Warnock? His silence is deafening.”

Stephen Lawson
Communications Director